February 22, 2011

Why Share of Voice has little relevance in online communications

In a recent discussion with Sam Parent, the director of Interactive Services at Cogeco and regional director of IAB for Quebec, we were trying to collectively identify key reasons why Share of Voice, a standard metric in traditional media, was moot when it comes to online media.

Ultimately, we determined it to be irrelevant for the following main reasons:

  • Online fragmentation of web vs. TV
  • Capping of ad exposures in ad server by online media planners
  • Web pages contain varying numbers of ads ( and additional ad formats can be added to web pages)
  • Fluidity of web traffic – it is not fixed
  • 1 ad impression online is seen by 1 computer, whereas 1 ad impression on TV is seen by thousands or millions simultaneously

For Sam’s full take on this subject on his own insightful blog, click here on the man making noise below:

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