April 10, 2013

Wi-Fi Movie Posters

Here’s finally something positive to come out of the Korean Peninsular in recent days.

wifi poster

Great innovation to promote a movie by simply providing ‘wifi posters,’eg 8 strategically placed posters in Seoul that allowed users to access the internet when near them. I have been saying for the longest time that all interactive communications in 2013 and beyond needs to be either:

  • useful, and/or
  • entertaining.

If it isn’t, then your chances of your brand being noticed are very low.


  • The movie had 29% increase in traffic to its website (although I think upfront awareness for the movie is more important than site traffic personally. I would have preferred those metrics)
  • Time spent on movie website increased by 500%
  • In addition:

results wifi


This is a very simple idea but one which provided significant added value to the consumer and likely created more ‘love marks’ for the product eg the movie.

Media is being completely redefined by technology and cultural change, which is why there is so much potential for brands with the evolution of traditional media, as well as the increase in new platforms and devices.

The four key words going forward ?

  1. Test
  2. Test
  3. Test
  4. Measure (properly!)

You get the idea! Hehe.

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