March 14, 2011

Would the real Mr Sheen please stand up.

In view of the extremely high profile, erratic behaviour currently being shown by Mr Charlie Sheen in social media circles in the last couple of weeks, it got me thinking about whether any brands could intelligently leverage any visibility around the brother of Emilio Estevez (Breakfast Club – one of my all time fave, cult movies.)

And so I thought…which brand…which brand could leverage Mr Charlie Sheen in these social channels? And then it came to me…..of course, MR SHEEN.

Now for anyone who is not Autralian or English (from England,) you may not know that Mr Sheen is one of the most popular furniture and floor polishes in those 2 countries, a company that was founded back in the 1950s.

Surely, for a feisty, brave brand manager at Mr Sheen (not Charlie, the polish company) who wants to take a few calculated risks and exploit the incredible noise around the man(not the polish) who has the same name as their brand, this must be a once in a lifetime opportunity that they should at least consider.

For example, a cleverly executed campaign for Mr Sheen (the polish) could include:

  • a play on words about ‘polishing up your act’
  • the creation of #winningpolish in Twitter with entertaining, related tweets
  • Ask the Mr Sheen Polish Facebook fan page (they don’t have many fans but it’s a start!) to get the ball rolling with some ideas of their own.

Surely there would be huge talk value in traditional online channels too, let alone social channels, just in the fact that a well known brand like Mr Sheen was having fun with the other Mr Sheen situation – tone and manner is key, of course.

So come on Mr Sheen (the polish), do something fun with Mr Sheen (the unpolished!) We’re all waiting.

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