January 31, 2011

Your name affects your shopping decisions! Apparently true.

This has to be one of the wildest pieces of research that I have ever seen.

A recent US study from Journal of Consumer Research consistently showed this amazing fact:

  • Those whose family names were later in the alphabet, were more likely to hit the buy button quicker.
  • When $500 was offered for filling in a questionnaire, free concert tickets or the chance of having free basketball tickets, the results were the same. The quickest to reply had names towards end of alphabet.
  • The wildest of these studies which was based on married women who had changed their family names, did not initially show this same outcome – however, when they then looked at these womens’ maiden (pre married) names, unbelievably, those with names towards end of alphabet were yet again among those that were fastest to respond.

The research team hyphothesized that this stems from our childhoods when traditionally many activities involved children being lined up alphabetically with those ending in R to Z being the last to participate.

Consequently, as adults they appear to want to react to buying before the Mr Aardvarks and Mrs Bakers of this world.

I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg had been born Mark Abbott, and Steve Wozniak had been born Steve Adler, whether they would have been as responsive and proactive as they are ?!!!

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