May 26, 2014

Coke: It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it

I have been a fan of Coca Cola for many years in terms of their approach to generating ‘love marks’ for their brands, often through creating great content that is seen by few in the real world, but consequently shared by the masses online, largely because of its entertainment value.

Previous examples include the hug machine and the happiness machine.

Their latest launch of Coke mini cans, is no exception. Check out the video below that shows what they did – it speaks for itself:

coke small cans advertising

Less is more…in this case anyway.




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March 26, 2013

Oreo vs. Kit Kat on Twitter

A current buzzword that we hear a lot about is “social media monitoring” that seems a very nebulous term and appears at first to be difficult to define, and somewhat tricky to determine its value to brands.

Here is a great example showing the importance of social media monitoring – KitKat noticed this tweet by someone on Twitter that contained their brand name:

kitkat tweet


By using tools to monitor what was being said about their brand online, they noticed the tweet, they identified an opportunity to engage both a consumer talking about their brand(who appears at a quick glance to be a brand advocate) whilst simultaneously engaging another brand, Oreo.

This is what they tweeted in reply:



And this is how Oreo countered the cheeky tweet by KitKat:


Notice how the tones of both of these tweets from both brands are almost lighthearted banter – the chosen tone is absolutely key to engaging consumers and brands, and both brands nailed it in my opinion.

But KitKat often uses current events as the basis of some simple but entertaining and RELEVENT communications online, like this one when the new pope was elected.

opoe kitkat


  • Listen daily to what people are saying about your brand online – not only can it be a customer service channel, it can be a product development channel, a brand evolution channel and certainly a consumer engagement channel. Don’t just put the youngest person in your marketing department in charge of social – it is potentially one of your most important channels to build (or destroy) your brand. Would you let an intern be your CEO?!!
  • Have systems/procedures in place that allow you to reply very quickly. ‘Agility’ is the key word and most brands in 2013 are continuing with outdated, historic procedures and processes that do not reflect the capability for real time communications, listening, reacting to topical news stories, tweets and Facebook posts. Kit Kat took 2 days to reply to the initial Tweet from the consumer, and Oreo replied within 7 hours to the KitKat tweet! That means Oreo noticed the KitKat tweet, planned a strategy to counter it, came up with an idea, got client approval, executed it, and tweeted it within 7 hours! 99.9% of brands are not capable of doing that and they should be in 2013.
  • Use current events for some of your brand content – it is relevent, entertaining and will be appreciated and noticed by consumers.

Those brands that are agile, creative, forward thinking and recognize the multi directional, real time communications that are taking place without them online, will reap HUGE benefits for their brands if they put some social skin in the game!



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December 2, 2012

The best infomercial…ever

If every company was able to hire this guy for their infomercials, products would be flying off the shelves in unprecedented numbers. Check out this fantastic product – Sugru. My kids are already excited by it and want some SUGRU !!

Check out the fantastic infomercial.

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May 30, 2011

A Swatch Watch Twitter twist !

An interesting initiative from Swatch earlier this year at a New York fashion week party. A model was covered in 107 Swatch watches that people could own by simply tweeting about the dress using the #swatchgirl hashtag.

Although the dress took 2 hours to put together, the 107 watches were all gone within 1,5 hours at the event, as a result of tweeting.

Swatch estimated that 400 000 people were exposed to the Swatch stunt through Twitter.

I love this sort of creative thinking that combines the latest culture, technology and media consumption in order to promote brands in a fun, interactive shareable way. Offline should work hand in hand with online for best results.

Nice one, Swatch.

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April 29, 2011

T Mobile Royal Wedding Dance

Following my previous posts (click on the singing man below) about fantastic T Mobile viral campaigns in the UK, they have excelled themselves with this great video containing Royal look-a-likes at the Royal Wedding.

Yet again, the key to their latest topical, Royal success is a great, entertaining idea that people want to share in very large numbers – it’s not an ad. It is amusing, powerful video content to which the T-Mobile brand has tagged its name – that’s all. Check it out below.

By the way, I really hope that is actually Harry in the video!!

Nice job, T-Mobile.

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April 28, 2011

2 TV ads from 1970s – truly awful

Irish Spring 1977

As a marketing man, I can appreciate Irish Spring using the bad guy (Mr Miagi’s nemesis) from the original Karate Kid movie to demonstrate their brand attributes of :

  • Manliness (by showing Irish men arm wrestling & writing the words manly deodorant soap on the packet) &
  • Double level deodorant (let’s cut open the soap and show the two colours.)

All that being said, it is a truly crap 70s ad.

The Hair Man 1978

Er..Don’t know where to start……Just watch it and enjoy the following:

  • The top camera transition from left to right – seamless to the TV viewer!
  • The entry mid-way into the TV spot of the actor applying the ridiculously fitting hairpiece like a hat
  • The Hair Man logo in the final frame – what the hell is that. Appears to be a deformed animal on a ski lift

The people of Hobbs, New Mexico should be proud.

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