January 13, 2015

Do boys slap girls? Of course not

I’ve been off my blog for a while but now back with this absolutely, beautiful video that should be compulsory viewing for anyone who has ever been responsible for spousal abuse. It genuinely brought a tear to my eye.

Nothing like stripping an issue back to basics to make your point, which is what this video content does perfectly.

Please click the image below, to see what the heck I’m talking about. :



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October 24, 2014


Two incredibly powerful political cartoons from Halifax Herald’s Bruce MacKinnon in light of the recent shooting in the Ottawa Parliament this week.

Just goes to show their immense power when done well.

#ThxNathanCirillo #neverforgotten

Nathan Cirillo



war memorial

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August 21, 2014

2 words to elevate ALL your presentations

As a media man who’s been around the block for a few years and worked with numerous clients, client partners and a huge range of personalities, I wanted to share 2 REALLY simple, important but short words that will set you up for success when presenting & ensure that you get your message across.

It applies to anyone in any industry, applies equally to the buying or selling side, and internal and external presentations.

I wish I had known this when I was starting out after University.


So Rob, what are the 2 words ?

‘SO WHAT’……..these are the 2 words ! ‘SO WHAT.’

I shall explain.

After every slide/diagram/stat/report that you create for presentations, internally or externally, ask yourself the question, so what ! What is the recipient of your information going to take away from it. If you cannot answer the ‘so what’ question, remove it ! It has no place in your deck.

Examples of when it is not done

I see it NOT done over and over and over again from reps to client partner agencies to internal documents.


Here’s a typical example above that I found online. It is an overload of graphs and meaningless out of context numbers but  SO WHAT !!!!

In my industry, I see automated reports with graphs going up and down, click through rates going up, cost per clicks going down, lots of impressions, attribution information etc etc but often it is simply mentioned as a number with zero context/benchmark or consequence to the recipient.

Identify the one or 2 points that you want the recipient to take from the information on a slide by always asking yourself SO WHAT and then answering that question on the slide.

If you don’t do this:

  • you are not guaranteed that your key point is conveyed clearly to the recipient
  • you open the very real possibility that the information will be interepreted by your audience and their peers, in completely different ways eg some may find it good, others bad and others ‘meh!’ Often documents are emailed to numerous receipients following  your presentations, so spell out clearly the SO WHAT.


This all sounds simplistic but I absolutely guarantee that you will be amazed how effective it  is.

It will elevate your presentation to another level. Try it – you’ll be surprised.



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May 26, 2014

Coke: It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it

I have been a fan of Coca Cola for many years in terms of their approach to generating ‘love marks’ for their brands, often through creating great content that is seen by few in the real world, but consequently shared by the masses online, largely because of its entertainment value.

Previous examples include the hug machine and the happiness machine.

Their latest launch of Coke mini cans, is no exception. Check out the video below that shows what they did – it speaks for itself:

coke small cans advertising

Less is more…in this case anyway.




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October 19, 2013

Bad Social Media is like SHOUTING AT YOUR TV……….and being heard

Whilst not wishing to dwell too long over the much covered ground of this week’s monumentally disastrous Twitter hashtag campaign by British Gas (#AskBG), here are 3 simple bullet points to help prevent brands getting slaughtered in social media channels :

  • The 90/10 rule – Preparation is 90% and Execution is 10%. For this to happen to British Gas, preparation was dreadful eg launching bad news on same day you launch a hashtag asking for feedback !

  • The consequence of BG not following the 90/10 rule is best explained with this simple traditional analogy. They effectively provided a sounding board (via the hashtag) to very disgruntled consumers, on the day they were the most disgruntled,that allowed the angry mob to  do the online equivalent of:


  • Finally, as a brand considering using social media, say this to yourself:

E. F.U (pronounced ‘Eff You.‘)

Everything you do in whichever social media channel you are considering, should provide content to the user that is either:

  • Entertaining eg exclusive content, funny, cute, infographics, photos,  etc
  • Financially rewarding  eg coupons, tickets, sampling, reward users for feedback with freebies  etc
  • Useful eg online tools to simplify my life, handy tips, useful facts etc

So British Gas, a friendly social media reminder from the thousands of people that SHOUTED at you this week online, EFU !!

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June 15, 2013

Google aims to provide wifi to the whole planet: Project Loon

I think that behind providing water and food for the entire planet, providing it with wifi must be a close third place !

With Project Loon, this is what Google is proposing to do.

Project Loon from Google



  • Bringing internet connectivity to developing nations
  • 60 feet in diameter super pressure pumpkin shaped balloons
  • Multiple week flight duration
  • Approximately 67,000 feet cruising altitude
  • Control system that self-directs balloon course
  • Stratollite technology
  • Solar panels provide system power


As I have heard mentioned in several Google lectures that I have attended in recent years, they are continuously looking to change paradigms and try things that most corporations would be never even dream of trying.

Message to big corporations – Be brave enough to break out of existing business practices, internal systems and traditional thinking, and try to see how technology and interactivity can take your business to another level.

As with Google’s balloons, the sky’s the limit !


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