June 15, 2013

Google aims to provide wifi to the whole planet: Project Loon

I think that behind providing water and food for the entire planet, providing it with wifi must be a close third place !

With Project Loon, this is what Google is proposing to do.

Project Loon from Google



  • Bringing internet connectivity to developing nations
  • 60 feet in diameter super pressureĀ pumpkin shaped balloons
  • Multiple week flight duration
  • Approximately 67,000 feet cruising altitude
  • Control system that self-directs balloon course
  • Stratollite technology
  • Solar panels provide system power


As I have heard mentioned in several Google lectures that I have attended in recent years, they are continuously looking to change paradigms and try things that most corporations would be never even dream of trying.

Message to big corporations – Be brave enough to break out of existing business practices, internal systems and traditional thinking, and try to see how technology and interactivity can take your business to another level.

As with Google’s balloons, the sky’s the limit !


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