April 16, 2011

7 incredibly bizarre action figures

We all grew up as kids with various action figures; there were some we loved, some we didn’t and in some cases, some that we just didn’t understand. Here is that list:

Sigmund Freud – I can’t imagine creating a children’s action game with an Austrian neurologist ; perhaps invite a friend round and theorize about the unconscious mind and the mechanism of repression. Hours of fun.

Spiderman Golfer - you can’t get further from the action of one of the world’s greatest superheros than giving him a 5 iron and pretending he can golf.

Hitler – Lots of action to be had with this mid century, mass murderer.

Deluxe Jesus - don’t get the regular one, get the one with glowing hands, 5 loaves and 2 fish. Love the notion that Jesus comes in various versions.

Albino Bowler – no words needed. Read my previous Albino Bowler post to try to understand this white haired, mad man

Crazy Cat Lady – the only action you’ll get if you buy this, is staying awake & comforting your terrified children during the night. A scary woman.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Action Figure – he looks worried but so should you, because he comes with a mask to avoid germs, and a moist towelette to also reduce germs.

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April 1, 2011

You like Bowling…and Albinos..? I’ve got just the thing.

I stumbled upon this gem – not sure how. For those of you with $100 to burn, you can buy this 25″ x 19″ oil painting on canvas of an Albino bowler…..yes, you heard me correctly, an Albino bowler.

I had to investigate further because this was just too weird (and I’ve posted about squirrel feet earrings and foetus shaped cookie cutters.)

I then searched the words Albino Bowler in Google and found this great site which gives a fictitious explanation (I really hope it is!) of the urban legend history behind this white haired phenomenon.

Legend has it that a mysterious Albino was seen at a bowling alley playing a near perfect game alone and in silence, and then leaving as inconspicuously as he arrived.

Consequently you can let the legend live on with a variety of merchandise such as this action figure (Click on him to learn more.)

Interestingly enough I even tried Amazon to see if they were for sale, and bingo…of course they are.

Not only that, (and here is the icing on the cake), people searching for the Albino Bowler also looked at Crazy Cat Lady, an ‘action’ figure of an eccentric looking women wearing a winter coat with pyjamas, &  surrounded by felines!

In fact, it said that 54% of people viewing Albino Bowler, bought a Crazy Cat Lady ?!!! Excuse me?! Why? Why? Why?…and Why? That is some seriously hardcore online comparison shopping.

I was wondering what sort of imaginary games that people could play, who have bought these 2 unusual action figures because in real life, it doesn’t sound like a natural match made in heaven.

You have my word, that if I buy my kids these for Christmas this year, I’ll video their reaction and post it. I’ll also video what games they create with these 2 characters – could be priceless.

I’m off to Amazon to find a lost, pigeon-toed parking attendant action figure. I’ll let you know – I’m optimistic.

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