July 26, 2012

The Google Fiber Experiment

Google Fiber is a project to build an experimental broadband internet network infrastructure using fiber optic communication  – it will be 100 times faster than standard high speed

They are doing the test in, of all places, Kansas City!

They are asking Kansas City residents to pre register for the installation of Google Fiber in their neighbourhood. The areas of Kansas that reach their installation pre registration goals, will be the first to get Google Fiber installed in their hood !

I’m not making any sense?

Then watch this:

Clearly for Google to continue to gain traction in the online world with rich media content on Youtube, they need to have very fast internet…so why not create the infrastructure yourself, instead of relying on others, and use the interactive nature of online communications to see which neighbourhood deserves it first.

The ultimate supply and demand – eg ‘you want very fast internet, Kansas neighbourhood? Then show us how much.’

I shall be watching this very closely because if the Kansas test works, it could be coming to our hoods in the coming years !! I think there may be some Canadian bureaucracy to fight through first before it does !

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April 27, 2012

Online Clicks = Online Conversions? NOT!


A study out by Comscore and Pretarget this week states that:

If an online conversion is your goal, your ad being seen matters more than your ad being clicked.

What ? Are they mad? No, absolutely not.

In our industry, this is important news that may begin to put to rest those who continually ask for click through rates on display ads as the holy grail of online metrics.

The study cannot be taken lightly since it was based on  263 million ad impressions delivered  over nine months across 18 advertisers in numerous verticals.

Simple Study Highlights

  • Clicks had the lowest correlation with conversions
  • Ad ‘hover'(dwell time in the ads) and viewable ad impressions had the highest correlation with conversions.

Other Recent studies with similar findings

1. A 2009 Mediamind study released in July 2010 that found that :

  • on average, increasing Dwell time in the banner [hover] from 5% to 15%, increased conversion rates by 45%, from 0.4% to 0.6%.”

2. Casale Media’s 2011 “Ad Visibility Report,” found that

  • “ads appearing above the fold were 6.7x more effective at generating conversions than those appearing below the fold.”

Interesting to note that there are now several online auditing tools available that confirm whether your online ads are being delivered above or below the fold eg do you have to scroll down your screen to see them.

I had been wondering for a while who would be the first online ad supplier selling advertising space on a ‘cost per guaranteed exposure’ basis and now we know.

Saymedia announced on April 17th that they now offered ad impressions based on this model – interesting to note that they were also the first to launch the Cost per guaranteed ad engagement model several years ago.

So the gloves are off. It will be interesting to see who has the guts and the inventory to follow Saymedia’s innovative model…watch this space




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April 25, 2012

Canadian Online Ad Spending

For those of you who are asked by clients,’how much should we allocate to online media,’ you can now at least say that on average:

  • In 2012, brands in Canada are allocating 23% of media $ to online marketing but
  • in 2016, it is expected to be 30% in Canada.

Important to realize that this is an average so if you have a younger target group of urban people eg 18-24, you can allocate way more than the average and likewise if your target group is significantly older, then you might want to reduce it down accordingly.

This % allocation represents:

  •  $3,08 billion dollars in Canada in 2012 and will represent
  • $4,5 billion in 2016

The net takeaway of this study is that brands, suppliers and agencies need to have solid business models in place that reflect this significant change that is rapidly approaching. Those that do will still have a business in less than 10 years time…..the others, you’re on your own.

Just saying.

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April 13, 2012

Guitar Urinal !

A Brazilian Bar called Aurora is currently hosting a game called Guitar Pee in its bathrooms.

The ultimate in bathroom interactions allows you to aim at specific points in the urinal and make beautiful music on the guitar simulator – I somehow don’t think Eddie Van Halen could quite create the same screaming guitar riffs using this porcelain based instrument!

Unbelievable that these ‘tinkle’ tunes are also uploaded to a mobile site where bathroom based ‘music creators’ can share their Khazi masterpieces !

If you need proof that everything in our lives is becoming interactive, this really is it!

I still reckon that Mozart was cool enough that he probably would have tried it back in the day?! Symphony Number 40 in Pee Minor, perhaps ?!! hehe.




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January 11, 2012

Future role of TV in a digital world

Very interesting vision of the Head of Global digital at Pepsi, Shiv Singh,  with which I largely agree, regarding the role that TV will take in an ever evolving digital world.

Interesting that he heads up ‘paid, earned and social media’ for Pepsi. No silos here  – some brands still see social media as being a separate silo – they shouldn’t. It is simply media that is engaging and multi-directional, rather than the traditional one-way push.

He says that the 6 biggest changes to TV are going to be:

  • Creatively, the narrative will change for TV as we consider the TV spot to be only the trailer for the whole story eg the doorway to deeper engagement

Digital allows the brand to have a deeper relationship with consumers because of its very nature – so benefit from the low engagement high reach of TV and then the high engagement of digital.Obviously this ratio can be tweaked according to how digital savvy your target is. Creatives could perhaps tease more with the TV spots, inciting a deeper dive into digital , and then digital provides the engaging infrastructure for consumers to have fun with the brand.

The TV spot is becoming the trailer for a deeper interactive experience.

  • Fewer and fewer advertisers will start their strategic marketing planning with a television advertisement in mind.

Ceate an engagement strategy first and then see how we can creatively exploit it to the max.

  • Engagement metrics shall heavily influence the planning and buying of TV spots

We currently use GRPs as the electronic buying currency but this is likely to move more towards a GRPE where the engagement aspect of TV shows is taken into consideration when buying and planning. Companies like Seevibes are already reporting how engaging TV shows are.

  • The ability to target by location will force a format that has historically been passive and impersonal eg static Television ads, to be much more engaging

Can tie in digital and TV in  a more local way and measure the efficiency of each initiative – Google is seeing lots of potential in the local business market and they are obviously able to target and measure pretty much everything!

  • Plan for real time digital participation

The closer that marketers can get to real time participation to consumers conversation, the deeper engagement that they shall have with them. A good model for the ad industry is that of ‘political lobbying’ where small teams are able to react quickly to breaking news, comments and engage quickly in the conversation. Old Spice did it really well.

  •  Reflecting digital culture through television will become a priority for brands

Many consumers care most about what’s trending in pop culture  –  music, entertainment, sports or celebrities. All this typically breaks online today. Reflecting that and sharing it with wider audiences in ways that correlate to the brand’s objective, is going to become a new role for TV advertising. It’s going to give street credibility to the brands. It’s going to start with those 15-second spots but soon all advertising will cover this.


With the proposed launch of Apple TV sets this Fall, let’s see what is included, how much it costs and how quickly it will be consumed by the masses. Eventually video content(shows, movies) will come and find us according to our interests and our previous behaviour in a similar way to how Amazon currently works.

And quite frankly, I can’t wait!!



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