October 19, 2012

3 suggestions to avoid a B.D.D (Buzzword Drowning Death)

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Before I give my 3 suggestions to avoid Buzzword Drowning Death(BDD,) I’m going to stick my neck out somewhat today about some popular buzzwords that I’m hearing about more and more .

Let’s kick off with Content Marketing.

Here are 4 definitions :

  • Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable customer action 
  • Content marketing is a general term for Article Marketing, Audio Marketing and Video Marketing where you get traffic by giving away free content.
  • Content Marketing is owning, as opposed to renting media. It’s a marketing process to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating content in order to change or enhance a consumer behavior.
  • Your customers don’t care about you, your products, your services…they care about themselves, their wants and their needs. Content marketing is about creating interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you.

All of these definitions are rather nebulous and simply suggest that content has an important role to play to capture consumers attention and engage.

Err..but that’s really nothing new, is it?

Well, I’m sorry, but isn’t my job and the jobs of everyone like me who works in this incredibly exciting industry that we call advertising/marketing in 2012 and going forward, to:

create content that consumers are going to find :

  1. enjoyable and/or
  2. useful,

that is delivered to them at the right moment, in a seamless way, in order create love marks for our brands (as Kevin Roberts called them) that will lead not only to an eventual sale, but also to repeat business, positive endorsements and positive sharing of their ongoing brand experiences among their peers.

So I propose that our industry does the following asap before we and our clients die a horrible Buzzword Drowning Death.

So let’s do the following :

  1. Firstly, remove the term, Content marketing and use the term Modern Marketing , and recognize that this requires adjustments to how most marketers currently do business: to allow for the creation of more real time content, cleverer use of the multidirectional media channels available to consumers to amplify their experiences and smarter, smarter use of technology and media where appropriate, and more agile processes on both the client and agency sides to permit this to happen.
  2. At the same time and to avoid a buzzword death epidemic, let’s stop segregating Digital and Traditional advertising any more – it is simply Modern advertising. With time, the majority of consumer touchpoints will contain what we currently identify as digital elements – let’s simply recognize that there are different skill sets required for seamless, holistic communication that has consumers at the core, but that we must no longer separate the terms. Advertising has simply evolved, as everything in life has.
  3. So while we’re at it, why not remove the word Social Media from our advertising terminology and call it Modern Media which encompasses what we currently call traditional media, digital media, social media, earned media (consumer generated), owned media (client generated). It requires brands and agencies to culturally adapt to the new reality of communications in 2012 by recognizing that all of these may have a role to play, depending on the clients communications/marketing/media/CRM/PR objectives

So when will SocialMediaToday.com be launching their new website, ModernMediaToday.com?  The domain name is available – Hehe

I would love your thoughts. What do you think?

NB. These are my personal views.





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May 30, 2012

Smart Car Pong

Brilliant technological innovation to show the great acceleration of the new electric Smart Car over a short distance.

They had car enthusiasts and potential car buyers play a classic game of Pong on a giant screen using the cars themselves as the remotes.

Click below to see exactly what they did.

Smart…very smart!

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May 29, 2012

Handy way to Target consumers

Check out this great stunt by Target in Australia to promote a Giant Toy Sale.

They used actors to recreate simple scenarios outside key Target stores and attached giant hands to them to give the impression that the actors are giant action figures that someone was playing with.

They used a soldier, a married couple and wrestlers to convey the idea of being toys.


The Soldier

The Wedding

The wrestlers

A handy way to Target consumers – sorry about that !!

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March 8, 2012

Laptops more popular than TVs in UK

For the first time ever and to further demonstrate the incredible evolution that is happening around us, a Deloitte UK survey that asked 2 276 people the question, ‘what is your favourite piece of technology?’ has revealed the following answers :

  1. Laptops           28%
  2. TV                    22% 
  3. Desktop PCs    19%
  4. Smartphones   10%

This is the first time ever that TV has not headed the list in this annual survey 

The most popular new technological feature desired by the surveyed panel was:

  • the ability to transfer music, TV shows, films and similar content between devices and platforms –  42% said this
  • 30% would like to back up their media to the cloud.
  • 26% of respondents wanted to purchase and download newspapers, magazines and books onto any device

We as a marketing and advertising industry need to realize that consumers need to have this interactivity and freedom to control their own media consumption when and where it suits them – so let’s continue to give them the concepts, the entertainment, the tools, the platforms to do this…..and associate brands intelligently to these.

TV is still a great, non-interactive, mass ‘push’ medium which is great ‘door to a deeper engagement,’ but interactive media is where the depth of consumer and brand experience will happen.

It’s all good!



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December 2, 2011

Canadian Mobile Phone Facts

A study out this week by Comscore identifies some key data regarding mobile phone usage in Canada. As media people, we are always looking at how media consumption is evolving so that we can adjust our future media plans accordingly to better communicate with consumers:

  • 20,1 million Canadians(age 13+) use mobile devices
  • 8 million Canadians own smartphones  – approx 40% of total mobile phone market in Canada

Who has the highest Smart phone market share?

  1. RIM with 36% market share (Blackberry)
  2. Apple with 30% share
  3. Google Android with 25% share (but has doubled in last 6 months) – watch this space.

What do Canadians use phones for (apart from phoning?)

  1. Texting
  2. Downloading apps
  3. Accessing news and information
  4. Using browser
  5. Email
  6. Accessing social media sites
  7. Playing games
  8. Accessing weather info
  9. Search
  10. Listening to music

For the full publicly available Comscore report about Canadian Mobile phone usage, click on the image above .





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November 17, 2011

United Provocation of Benetton

News today that Benetton has been requested by the Vatican to pull its latest ad campaign entitled ‘Unhate,’ featuring the pope kissing a senior Egyptian Imam, as well as other famous people seen to be kissing their perceived adversaries

The Colours of Benetton creative platform has historically always been provocative – always creating a stir, sometimes positive, often negative but always getting noticed.

Since the concept, Colours of Benetton, was created by Oliviero Toscani, a photographer and man in charge of Benetton’s creative direction from 1982 to 2000, numerous edgy executions have been implemented around the world .

He clearly had a vision for the brand that he managed to steer through the 80s and 90s and that now appears to be making a resurgence. Here are a couple of pieces of his past work:



I can still remember when I was living in Central London,UK  back in the 90s, the fuss that the new born baby ad caused when it first appeared on billboards. I saw it from a London bus once on a 10′ x 20′ billboard and at the time it was seriously powerful as an image in a busy, cluttered, hectic environment.

Like the ‘Unhate’ ads that appear today, those ads were also removed for their perceived offensive nature but for the brand, the advertising clutter had been breached.

Apart from the New born baby ad above which I don’t claim to understand at all, I think that Benetton has traditionally done a fantastic job of remaining edgy but yet thought provoking, and ultimately true to the global brand that is Benetton.

Keep pushing the boundaries, Benetton.

As advertisers, isn’t it better to be different and get noticed where possible, rather than blend in and be invisible?

Yes, it is a very fine line between offensive and thought-provoking, between wow and euw.

But Unhate for me, is a definite wow !!



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