May 16, 2012

Google awarded patents for Project Glass

Google was awarded patents on its ‘Project Glass Browser Glasses’ on Tuesday, patents that they had filed last October.

The design is currently in use by certain Google employees and allows the wearers to :

‘stream information to the lenses and send and receive messages through voice commands. There is also a built-in camera to record video and take pictures.’

They should have used the brand name ‘Google Goggles‘ for these, not their mobile app !

Imagine stores being able to target local messaging directly to people’s ‘Google Goggles’ when they are passing by – Now Google really is a company with vision……….20/20 vision!



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August 3, 2011

Alfred App: ‘Cruise Control Search’

Exploring a new city is tough if you’re all alone. But if you have your iphone on you, you’re not alone at all… there’s tons of great apps available for discovering the city around you.
When it comes to dining out, Yelp helps considerably, but it doesn’t provide you with personalized recommendations based on your tastes. This is where the Alfred app comes in.
Some believe that in the same way that Google changed our paradigms of the internet as a medium, Alfred may be another paradigm shifter!

It was originally supposed to be released, under its chosen name of Seymour, but it was decided to give it an early test run on the iTunes App Store under the alias Alfred.

And now that it’s officially available (since a couple of weeks ago), they’ve decided to stick with the robot’s alias due to the popularity it received over the last 2 weeks (20 000+ downloads so far.)

Here’s the key to this powerful app.

Alfred’s sophisticated algorithm provides you with accurate recommendationss based on what you tell him about your tastes, and according to location, time, intent and social context. What does this mean? High quality recommendations in lightning fast speed.

So the premise is “Teach it what you like, then put it on cruise control.”

Alfred is all recommendations and no direct search, so users will have to be in a sort of lean-back and explore mode to enjoy the experience. What seems most useful is that you could teach the app about your local favorites and then get personalized recommendations when you travel to a new city.

Cruise control search.

This type of cruise control searching could change the way we search for products online, and is predicted to be applicable to our video consumption in the future.

It is predicted that we shall receive suggestions or recommendations about which Video content we may enjoy based on our previous video consumption (I’m not saying TV because it could be online or another device) in the same way that Amazon recommends books and movies that we may like.

Get ready for our life in Cruise Control!

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February 7, 2011

Very weird Google searches

A picture is worth a thousand words – why were people searching for these in Google ?!  Enjoy.

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