April 29, 2011

T Mobile Royal Wedding Dance

Following my previous posts (click on the singing man below) about fantastic T Mobile viral campaigns in the UK, they have excelled themselves with this great video containing Royal look-a-likes at the Royal Wedding.

Yet again, the key to their latest topical, Royal success is a great, entertaining idea that people want to share in very large numbers – it’s not an ad. It is amusing, powerful video content to which the T-Mobile brand has tagged its name – that’s all. Check it out below.

By the way, I really hope that is actually Harry in the video!!

Nice job, T-Mobile.

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January 19, 2011

International Arrival of Great Marketing

Following on from T-Mobile’s famous ‘flash mob'(which was technically a well choreographed dance routine rather than a flash mob) at Liverpool Street station in London, T-Mobile has come back with a hugely entertaining piece of video content that plays on human emotions.

Filmed at London’s Heathrow Airport Flight arrivals, ‘Welcome back’ involved:

  • 300 choir members
  • 18 hidden video cameras
  • Human musical instruments
  • Lots of unsuspecting people getting off planes in the arrivals terminal

The objective of the exercise for T-Mobile from a marketing perspective was to use the emotional aspect of an Airport arrivals to get people crying from happiness, and simply associating their brand with this happy content.

As a marketing person, I take my hat off to T-Mobile for their fantastic approach. Most people think that this video generated  more than 6 000 000 views simply as a result of those magic online social media channels. Not true. The results were a result of a superbly executed, complex media and marketing strategy.

Surprisingly, T-Mobile’s ad agency did the following to achieve their amazing results:

  • Used PR to tease the public that another cool ‘ad’ would be coming in the next 24 hours on TV
  • Then aired the extended spots on TV between 10-10.30pm on all commercial channels that then drove to web
  • They continued the experience virally for consumers online by engaging them in discussion and providing behind the scenes exclusive content
  • and here’s the cool part, retargeting those that had seen the video online with T-Mobile ads.

This last point was key since the ad agency identified that those exposed to the brand engagement video were 40-50% more likely to click to T-Mobile site, and hopefully convert to a sale.

So this was not a social media campaign but rather a well planned project that took a fantastic, beautifully executed creative idea, and combined traditional media to create initial interest, and then drove continuity via digital & social media channels to further engage consumers.

The winning formula was the following : Great consumer insight + strong creative idea with seamless execution + strategic media planning (using new and traditional) + use of back end new media technology (online retargeting) & social media monitoring tools.

Nice one, T-Mobile.

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