October 31, 2011

The Love Machines: Coke

Always fun to see an advertising initiative that creates ‘Love Marks’ for a brand, as Kevin Roberts, the head of Saatchi and Saatchi would say. The strength of this initiative by Coke is in its simplicity – they created a couple of really entertaining pieces of video content around modified Coke Machines that they filmed and placed on Youtube.

The quality of the content resulted in significant ‘earned media’ for the Coke brand, which means that online users viewed and shared the content in huge numbers (which was free for the brand) simply because it was entertaining.

Here is the first one from Argentina, The Happiness Machine :

And the second one is along exactly the same theme, but modified slightly for London, England:

Again, the brand stays central to the content but they both leave you with a fluffy, warm feeling.

They then evolved the big idea even further by encouraging friends to work together to get the maximum benefits from the unusual Coke Machine. Check out below to see what I mean:

Nice one, Coke. Your core idea was truly simple but your execution was just fantastic.

In future, we need to continue producing highly entertaining pieces of video content, to which we can attach brands in a fun way.

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