February 14, 2015

Top 5 blind cats

Before you jump to conclusions that I’m a weirdo who gets a kick out of posting felines with the inability to see………au contraire.

I came across a pic this week online somewhere that made me laugh..a lot, and so I investigated further to see if there were more that were similar….and there were.

So here we go with my top 5 blind cats (see what I did there?!!) :


Number 5 : ‘That escalated quickly!’



Number 4: ‘You can see me, right? So I’m not hidden, right?’


Number 3 : ‘It’s honestly not what it seems!’


Number 2 -: ‘Wassup – had a good day at work?’


Number 1: ‘Could you PLEASE put your phone down & come and help!’



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